My oh My! I got the Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet in the mail today. There are around 75 pages of arguments for and against the measures. I was driving in rural Yamhill County yesterday and saw several signs in opposition to the measures. Elsewhere I have seen signs and statements for and against.

I will have to make up my mind on these; and hopefully it will be an informed decision.

If we are to have any level of government we need taxes to support it. Where are the moneys to come from and how much do we need? This is an eternal question. I hope that all voters will take a dispassionate approach to this important matter. Sewers, roads, schools, police, social services, building inspections, prisons, and so on, and so on; all supported by taxes. Once again: how much and from where does it come.

Become informed and vote.


That’s all, just remember to vote, either by mail (get it in on time) or at a polling place. In a previous post I told the world how I voted. Feel free to copy me, but most importantly, vote.

The State of Oregon where I am a resident has vote-by-mail. I just completed my ballot and here is how I voted (in the order the items appear on the ballot):

President/VP, Obama/Biden
US Senator, Jeff Merkley, Demo
US Rep, Wu, Demo

State, County, City, etc
Sec of State for Oregon, Kate Brown, Demo
State Treasurer, Ben Westlund, Demo
Attorney General, Kroger, Demo
State Rep, 29th Dist, Riley, Demo

Commission of the Bureau of Labor & Industry, Avakian
Judge of Supreme Court Position 7, Walters
Judge of Court of Appeals Position 4, Sercombe
Washington County Sheriff, Gordon
City of Hillsboro Mayor, Willey
City Council, Andrews
City Council, Acuna
City Council, Castillo
Soil and Water, Ward
Tualatin Soil & Water Director Zone 2, Jossi
Tualatin Soil & Water Director, Marsh
Tualatin Soil & Water Director, Olsen

State measures:
54, Yes
55, Yes
56, Yes
57, Yes
58, No
59, No
60, No
61, No
62, No
63, No
64, No
65, No

County and other local measures:
43-155, Yes
34-159, Yes
34-164, Yes
34-151, Yes
26-95, Yes
26-96, Yes

For the partisan seats I considered equally candidates’ experience, statements, and party. All else being equal I voted Democratic. I am registered as an Independent.

One note of explanation on State Measure 62. I am for more money for public safety, etc., but I do not like putting measures such as this in the Constitution of the State therefore I voted “no.”

The horses are the American voters anxious to cast their ballots for Mr. Obama. They, at right moment, will all be released and lead the stampede for his landslide victory. (Sorry about the mixed metaphor).

The country is primed for a major change in leadership. Mr. McCain can’t offer it. Well, he can offer but the offer has no substance. And Mr. McCain’s choice of running mate. The thought of her ever sitting in the Oval Office truly scares me.

Mr. Obama has shown that he has the skill and the level head to assume the office of President. A few months ago I had never heard of the man, now he has convinced me that he is certainly the best person for the job. I have known of Mr McCain for several years, and with the nasty stuff he has allowed his campaign to do over the past couple months, I could never vote for him. The price would be too high.

At this late date, there is nothing I could say to convince anyone considering voting for Mr. McCain to change his or her vote. I am voting for Mr. Obama because I have taken the time to learn about the man and his proposed programs, and I am convinced.