My oh My! I got the Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet in the mail today. There are around 75 pages of arguments for and against the measures. I was driving in rural Yamhill County yesterday and saw several signs in opposition to the measures. Elsewhere I have seen signs and statements for and against.

I will have to make up my mind on these; and hopefully it will be an informed decision.

If we are to have any level of government we need taxes to support it. Where are the moneys to come from and how much do we need? This is an eternal question. I hope that all voters will take a dispassionate approach to this important matter. Sewers, roads, schools, police, social services, building inspections, prisons, and so on, and so on; all supported by taxes. Once again: how much and from where does it come.

Become informed and vote.


This is the most exciting election that has happened during my life time; and it’s most likely the most important. I’ll be glued to the TV all Tuesday evening. Will Mr. Obama, soon to be Mr. President, get his 60% majority?

Remember to Vote.

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer, so take all I say in this posting with a couple grains of salt.

There are two parts to the marriage thing that some people may not realize are separate events. There is the civil joining and then there is, for some people, the religious rite.

The civil part is a type of legal binding of two people. They get a license; they sign some papers. In some states, I think, there is no need for the “I do” part, and not even the “You may now kiss the bride” part. Once they sign the papers in front of witnesses and a proper official, they are married.

The other part is the rite. Some conservative religious people may not like the term “rite” but when the minister or priest or whatever you call him or her stands in front of the lucky couple and asks the “I do” questions and does the “I now pronounce you husband and wife” thing, that person is performing a religious rite. (My dictionary defines rite as “a religious or other solemn ceremony or act.”)

So what about same-sex marriages? Remember the two things that happen. First there is the civil joining then there is the religious rite. If two people wish to join themselves in a civil union, whatever you want to call it, I have no objection to this at all. If two people wish to commit themselves to each other in this manner, how could anyone object?

But if you are a so-called Christian and wish to prevent two people from having the “Rite” then so be it. There are lots of other Christian clubs, excuse me, churches out there that are more tolerant. Let those club members have their homophobia. Find a religious organization that has the enlightenment of the modern era. For God’s sake, we have already elected a Catholic, a divorced man, and are about ready to elect a non-white person as president. Face it homophobes, the day will come when “one of those” will be a major party candidate for president.

In the mean time, remember to vote. And don’t vote scared, vote what you know is right. I have expressed my voting preferences in previous posts on this blog, so copy my votes if you wish, but be sure and vote.

That’s all, just remember to vote, either by mail (get it in on time) or at a polling place. In a previous post I told the world how I voted. Feel free to copy me, but most importantly, vote.

The horses are the American voters anxious to cast their ballots for Mr. Obama. They, at right moment, will all be released and lead the stampede for his landslide victory. (Sorry about the mixed metaphor).

The country is primed for a major change in leadership. Mr. McCain can’t offer it. Well, he can offer but the offer has no substance. And Mr. McCain’s choice of running mate. The thought of her ever sitting in the Oval Office truly scares me.

Mr. Obama has shown that he has the skill and the level head to assume the office of President. A few months ago I had never heard of the man, now he has convinced me that he is certainly the best person for the job. I have known of Mr McCain for several years, and with the nasty stuff he has allowed his campaign to do over the past couple months, I could never vote for him. The price would be too high.

At this late date, there is nothing I could say to convince anyone considering voting for Mr. McCain to change his or her vote. I am voting for Mr. Obama because I have taken the time to learn about the man and his proposed programs, and I am convinced.