My oh My! I got the Oregon Voters’ Pamphlet in the mail today. There are around 75 pages of arguments for and against the measures. I was driving in rural Yamhill County yesterday and saw several signs in opposition to the measures. Elsewhere I have seen signs and statements for and against.

I will have to make up my mind on these; and hopefully it will be an informed decision.

If we are to have any level of government we need taxes to support it. Where are the moneys to come from and how much do we need? This is an eternal question. I hope that all voters will take a dispassionate approach to this important matter. Sewers, roads, schools, police, social services, building inspections, prisons, and so on, and so on; all supported by taxes. Once again: how much and from where does it come.

Become informed and vote.


In President-elect Obama’s Saturday Radio Address (available here on YouTube) he used the phrase “tyranny of foreign oil.”

Oil cannot literally be a tyrant, so he must be using this phrase as a metaphor. So what does he mean? The dictionary definition that seems to apply here is that tyranny is “cruel and arbitrary exercise of power or control” as well as “cruel and oppressive government or rule.” (These definitions are from the Oxford Concise English Dictionary.)

Mr. Obama used this phrase in the context that our country needs to invest $150 billion in an American Green Energy Economy that, will among other things, free us from the tyranny of foreign oil. That means we are to free ourselves and our country from the oppressive drain on our economy as our dollars go to foreign countries. At the same time we will make the investment and build that Green Economy which will the best thing we can do for out future.